• Simple Questions To Ask About Your Chronic Pain Do You Need Physical Therapy?

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    It’s important to meet with a licensed medical professional before committing to any one diagnosis. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t give yourself a head start.

    Chronic physical pain isn’t normal. Pain comes and goes in response to inside or outside stimuli, a warning your body is trying to communicate to you about a deeper issue, and anything that lasts too long is trouble. When you have a sore back, stiff neck or aching shoulders that interfere with your ability to work and sleep? You need to meet with someone that can give you a long-term solution. While this is by no means professional medical advice, your symptoms can still be narrowed down after you ask a few simple questions about your pain, your lifestyle and your hopes for the future.

    Finish this list and see if you Continue Reading

  • Syringe Infusion Pumps Are an Important Part of Many Hospital Procedures

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    By Christmas Day you knew more about IV infusion pumps and medical equipment rentals than ever. This was not knowledge that was fun to learn about and was not part of your typical holiday plans, but it was a result of your daughter having to have shoulder surgery while she was home for winter break.
    Sitting in the recovery room as your daughter woke up from her out patient procedure you were amazed at all of the technology in this one small space. Monitoring systems as well as Continue Reading

  • When to Visit a Walk In Urgent Care Center


    Sometimes accidents happen, we know. Sometimes you just get sick or someone in your family does. That?s when a walk in urgent care center can come in mighty handy. With colds and flu common this time of year, it?s important to know just where an urgent care clinic location is near you.

    According to the Urgent Care Association of America, about 3 million people visit urgent care clinics every week, and today, there are about 20,000 medical doctors who practice Urgent Care Medicine. Urgent care treatment has become a very big trend in medical care today.

    Before you do choose to go to a walk in urgent care center, you might ask, what symptoms does urgent care treat? Let?s take a look at that. Continue Reading

  • Finding the Source of Your Chronic Pain Can Help You Understand Treatment Options

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    The task of having to find a nurosurgeon with an open appointment at the end of the year can be a challenge. As many people try to schedule their surgeries and procedures while their insurance deductibles are met, you may be able to find a nurosurgeon with an introductory appointment opening, but most of their surgery spots may be full. Whether you are looking for relieve from back pain or you are in search of the source of chronic pain, it is important to make sure that you meet with a doctor as soon as possible. Instead of dealing with chronic pain that keeps you from being effecti Continue Reading

  • Knowing the Difference Between Bipolar and Depression

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    The acceptance and understanding of mental health is still a relatively new thing. For many years, mental health conditions were long misunderstood, left to be unregulated. Yet, with all of the advancements that have been made in the recent years and decades, there are still some misinformation being spread from person to person. One of the most common bits of misinformation is the confusion between being bipolar condition and depression.

    While often used as interchangeable terms, there are key differences between bipolar condition and depression. Depression, which is often confused with occasional sadness, is an onset of sadness featuring five or more depressive symptoms that lasts two weeks or lon Continue Reading

  • 4 Medical Conditions For Urgent Care Centers

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    If your primary care physician’s office is closed and you need immediate medical attention, but are not facing a life or death situation, consider visiting a walk in clinic. Trained medical professionals and doctors are there to take care of your ailments when going to a hospital is too costly, and your doctor’s office is closed. Most urgent care centers are open every day, so you won’t have to wait for treatment. Here are some of the problems that medical care clinics regularly treat for.

    1. Poison Ivy
      Roughly 85% of Americans have a poison ivy allergy. If you live in an area that has poison ivy and you enjoy spending time outdoors, it is good to know that urgent care Continue Reading
  • Symptoms of Dehydration You Should Be Aware Of

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    You know your body better than anyone else. There have been countless stories about people reporting that they have not been feeling well, only to go to a doctor who tells them they are fine. They go home but still do not feel “right,” and go to get a second opinion, where they find out that indeed, something was wrong and it was left diagnosed. If you have been feeling “off” as of late, it could be related to dehydration. There are many signs you can keep an eye out for that can signal whether you are dehydrated or not, and if left untreated, you can start to feel seriously ill.

    Simply put, the body needs water to function. We are made up of 75 percent water, and dehydration is when the amount of water entering the body is less than that amount of water leaving the body. Even mild dehydration can Continue Reading

  • Regaining Youth The PRP Breast Lift

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    Men and women associate their degrees of masculinity and femininity with their physical appearances. That physical appearance can include hair volume and thickness, muscle tone and general fitness, and muscle size or breast size and shape. These issues can transform someone with little confidence to someone with more confidence. They help.

    The percent of men who will have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35 is 40%. The percent of men who will have noticeable hair loss by age 60 is 65%. And the effects are well-known, even among pop culture circles, where making fun of the fact that a man has less hair than before is a well-known trope.

    The percent of hair loss sufferers who would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair is 47%. And the percent of hair loss sufferers who Continue Reading

  • 4 Helpful Sleep Apnea Solutions for Resting Easy

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    For most of us, sleeping is absolute bliss. We don’t think twice about hitting the pillow and catching a full eight hours. But for as many as an estimated 18 million Americans, sleeping can be dangerous. Those with sleep apnea, a serious but common sleep disorder, will often stop breathing during sleep, which hinders oxygen flow to the body and brain, making it rather risky to hit the hay, for some. Whether you know you’ve got it, or your partner has noticed irregular breathing patterns or gasping while you sleep, read on for some helpful sleep apnea solutions to keep you resting easy.

    Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
    The most common of sleep apnea solutions is the CPAP machine, which delivers a steady flow of oxygen into the airways via a mask worn over the nose a Continue Reading

  • Clinical Trials for New Medication

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    With the way that science and medicine have advanced over the course of the last couple of hundred years, it sometimes seems surprising that there is not a cure for every known illness and condition already. To be sure, there have been great advances, and many people are here today because of the medical progress that has taken place. But there is always more to learn. As we learn more and more about the world around us, we become aware of new diseases as well. These discoveries can be seen as a good thing, as the discovery of its existence marks the point that working toward a cure can begin.

    The modern world and the modern human body

    There are many people who also suspect that the way our species is currently living has something to do with the introduct Continue Reading

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