• 5 Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Back Pain

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    Back pain is a problem for many people around the world. It has been estimated that, in the United States, as many as 60% of all Baby Boomers will need to manage a chronic condition such as back pain. Today, nearly 70% of American adults say they suffer from back pain on a regular basis. They report that they are impacted daily by their back issues. When you ask the doctors who help with back pain and injuries, most will tell you how common this is around the globe. There are a lot of reasons for back injuries but there are some things everyone can do to help when they occur.

    1. Stop playing your sport. If you are playing a sport when you injure your back (or anything), stop playing. The idea that you should “play through the pain” is ridiculous. When you ask doctors about that, they tell Continue Reading
  • Urgent Care Centers Bridging the Gap

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    There’s a line. A thin red line. One that separates individuals from the emergency room to physicians. Generally, that line is considered something serious and fatal. However, many have begun to overlook or misconstrue that red line to mean anything that “seems” life threatening but in fact can be treated elsewhere.

    For many, the first line of defense against an illness is the physician. The physician is an individual who is capable of diagnosing and treating a wide variety of injuries and ailments, while doing so in a generally non-threatening and easy to understand manner. No one gets worked up about going to the family physician.

    Unless it’s for a cholesterol check but that’s another matter.

    People, however, do get worked up about going to the emergency room. While it takes a great dea Continue Reading

  • Why You Should Know About Your Local Urgent Care Clinic

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    Staying healthy is obviously a main priority in life. For those who manage to successfully navigate the current health care and insurance scene, maintaining good health is typically not going to be an issue. But whether you have health insurance and a primary physician or not, there are going to be road blocks along the way at some point. Even those with the doctor’s number on speed dial and appointments for regular checkups and screenings are susceptible to the unexpected twists and turns that is the nature of this life. To be as prepared as possible for any health surprises or issues, it is a good idea to know of more than one doctor’s office in your area, as well as to become familiar with the nearest emergency rooms and urgent care clinics. You never know when you might need to rely on that informa Continue Reading

  • The 5 Stages of Burnout and Why They Matter

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    Are you at the end of your rope? Can you no longer cope with the copious quantity of emotions you feel every day? If so, you’re far from alone. Two out of three people report that work contributes significantly to their stress levels. One in four people have actually called in for a ‘mental health day’ or a sick day as a result of stress from work. If this sounds familiar you might be exhibiting other signs of emotional exhaustion.

    The 5 Stages of Burnout

    Job stress and burnout are some of the most difficult health issues to face, because the more you try to manage them in an active and productive way, the more you fall behind at work, adding to the problem Continue Reading

  • Scurvy How It Shaped Clinical Trials Forever

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    Scurvy. It was the bane of 18th century life, often destroying the lives of members aboard ships headed across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a man that was named James Lind who began to change all of that. He was the father of an important mechanism seen in today’s society: the clinical trial.

    A clinical trial is a research project headed by scientists or other researchers to determine the effect of a drug that has medicinal and therapeutic value towards alleviating the symptoms or curing a particular illness.

    While clinical trials today are lengthy–in 1999 they spanned 460 days, while in 2005 they spanned 780 days, the first one took less than a week and was done aboard a ship.

    James Lind was a Scottish physician, who is credited with being a pioneer of naval hygiene in the Royal Navy. Du Continue Reading

  • Four Reasons you Might Need Suboxone Treatment

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    There are many people currently dealing with alcohol addiction disorders. Many of these people are undiagnosed and do not even realize that they have a clinical problem. In fact on average, alcohol addiction patients receive treatment 8 years after the age at which they develop the condition. This means those 8 long years are spent struggling to overcome alcohol dependence. Eight years can mean that an alcohol addiction problem has affected the person?s career, relationships, and overall happiness. The following signs and symptoms might indicate that an alcohol addiction is present.

    The age you began consuming alcohol
    Age at first alcoholic beverage consumption can indicate a drinking problem. While having your first alcoholic drink at a young age does not guarante Continue Reading

  • The Future of Urgent Care Centers

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    It should come as no surprise that urgent care facilities are rapidly growing and developing all over the country. A growth spurt for family health clinic centers began in the 1990s and is still continuing today. This growth has been fueled by frustration with emergency room wait times and the unavailability of primary care appointments. The public’s desire for quick and inexpensive medical care shows that the urgent care industry is only going to keep growing larger.

    For many patients, after hours urgent care facilities are their primary place to go for medical care. More and more people are choosing these after hours urgent care facilities, especially due to their availability on weekends and evening Continue Reading