• FUE Hair Transplants Versus FUSS Hair Transplants And More

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    It can be difficult to accept that you’re losing your hair. Many people tend to dismiss the real effects of hair loss. For one thing, hair loss can make people feel as if they’ve lost touch with themselves — and their youth. This can cause a good deal of insecurity, especially when you’ve lost hair at a young age. And premature hair loss is a more common problem than many people would imagine. In fact, by age 35 two-thirds of American men will have had a noticeable level of hair loss, while by 50 85% of American men will have lost a significant amount of hair. Some men begin losing their hair in their teens. This makes many of them feel as if they’ve lost an important part of their manhood, which is simply unacceptable. Hair loss can be even more difficult for women to accept, as the Continue Reading

  • What Is Hormone Treatment Therapy And How Can It Help Me Stay Healthy?

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    It can be difficult experiencing fluctuations in your mood and day-to-day health in spite of your best efforts to stay physically fit. These seemingly minor issues can affect your job, your hobbies and even your relationships with other people. When a strong diet and regular exercise isn’t enough, you may want to consider visiting your local hormone replacement clinics and seeing if you may have a hormone deficient. This problem strikes millions of Americans every year, brought on by a bevy of different factors, and can have frustrating short-term and long-term consequences if not treated.

    What Is Hormone Therapy?

    Your body naturally Continue Reading

  • Don’t Skip the School Physicals!

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    Why are school physicals important? This is a question many parents may find themselves asking as they have to take their child in for another school physical. Physicals are important for a varied of reasons.

    First, they can help detect health issues early, which is also the best measure when treating a chronic or serious condition. Physicians will test things like blood pressure and vision. Both of which are best treated early, and can negatively impact performance.

    Another issue is the general health of kid’s in today’s society. Research from the United States Department of Agriculture showed that only 2% of children have a healthy diet. Another study showed that only three out of every ten students were eating veget Continue Reading

  • How to Tackle Workplace Substance Abuse

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    While you may think that substance abuse in the workplace is none of your business, it can have a significant impact on the company you work for, on you and your colleagues, and of course on the person who is using alcohol or drugs while, before or after working. In fact, an American study on the impact of drug abuse on employers found that such substance abuse in the workplace costs companies about $81 billion a year!

    In a culture whether alcohol consumption is seen as normal, alcohol abuse problems tend to be rampant. Canadians drink more than 50% more than the global average according to a recent study. In terms of the global burden of disease and injury, alcohol is now the third leading cause. Close to 50,000 Canadians a year die from substance abuse related causes every year and substanc Continue Reading

  • Calm Your Colicky Baby With Natural Remedies

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    When our newborn was awake, she was adorable. She nursed, slept and had periods of wakefulness that gave us time and space to go out in the stroller or a quick trip to the grocery store. Then at 4 p.m. every day, it all changed. She went from a doll baby to a unconsolable crying monster. There seemed to be no reason for the episode and there was no consoling her. We would go through the check list of possibilities and possible comforts:

    • diaper change
    • full stomach
    • swaddle
    • swing
    • bouncy chair
    • toys
    • no toys
    • music
    • white noise
    • pacifier
    • car ride

    Yes, we tried everything, or so we thought. Then we discovered natural remedies for colic and those seemed to calm her the most or at least lessen the length of her crying eac Continue Reading