• Is Bariatric Surgery The Choice For You?

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    Weight loss is a sensitive subject for a number of reasons. Many people feel ashamed by their need to lose weight. They shouldn’t be; by recognizing that you need to lose weight, you’re taking the first step down a road to a healthier you. But the greater issue perhaps — and the reason behind much of that shame — lies in the fact that many find themselves unable to lose weight no matter how hard they try. They work out, they change their lifestyles, and they even change their diets; but it’s just not working. With over two out of three adults in the U.S. being considered overweight or obese, it’s undeniable that diet and exercise doesn’t work for everyone. Some people need a push in the right direction. Others simply can’t lose weight through traditional diet and exercise, even if they try Continue Reading

  • Should I Use Urgent Care, the Emergency Room, or 911?

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    When illness or injury leaves you in need of medical care, it can be hard in the moment to know who to turn to. From your primary care physician to urgent care and emergency room centers or even 911, every medical center fills as unique role in providing care. Understanding how they work together and which symptoms warrant a visit to which medical center, can ensure you get the treatment you need promptly and cost-effectively.

    Primary care physician

    Your primary care physician is always the best person to turn to first when you’re hurt or sick. Since they knows you and your medically history best, they’re the most able to make informed choices on your behalf. Many primary care Continue Reading

  • Are you Ready to Make a Change in Your Life? How Medical Weight Loss Could Benefit You

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    There is a right way to do everything, and that includes making changes in your lifestyle and body image. The decision to change your body and life isn’t one you should take lightly. These kinds of transitions take a lot of time and effort to maintain, and it’s not a one and done kind of deal! So before you turn to fad diets and surgery, here are a few things you should know.

    Rapid weight loss isn’t healthy

    Physicians and nutritionists recommend losing weight at a rate of approximately one pound every week. While that may seem excruciatingly slow, medical weight loss professionals say that losing Continue Reading

  • Do You Really Need Health Insurance?

    Managing health care expenses

    There has been a lot of talk lately about health insurance. In fact, new laws have required Americans to carry some type of health insurance on themselves and their families. If someone does not carry health insurance, they are fined each year until they have some type of health insurance. Health insurance might seem like a waste of money to some, especially if health care visits and procedures are rare. However, in the event of one medical emergency or medical office visit, someone can be quickly forced into debt. This is the reasoning behind the new requirements for health insurance. There are a variety of things to look for when shopping around and then choosing the right health insurance plan for you and your family.

    The medical coverage will vary with each health insurance plan. Higher Continue Reading

  • The Increasing Popularity Of Urgent Care Clinics

    Medical urgent care

    Finding a new doctor is a decision that thousands of Americans face on a daily basis. For some, it is in response to some sort of sudden illness, and for others it can simply be a result of moving to a new city or state. Whatever the reason may be, finding the right doctor for you and your family is important. What might surprise you is that you can find this at an urgent care clinic. Here are some great things to know about why after hours urgent care centers across the country are becoming more popular each and every day:

    1. Availability – One of the reasons for the popularity of after hours urgent care clinics are their hours of availability. In fact, over 90% of urgent care clinics remain o Continue Reading

  • 5 Great Reasons to Find a Primary Care Physician

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    Do you have a primary care physician? For many Americans, the answer to that question is, “no.” A lot of young and healthy people do not give their health a second thought until they have a problem. For a number of people, the place they go for most of their health care needs is the emergency room. For them, it seems easier to go to the emergency department of a hospital that to conduct a primary care physician search.

    5 Reasons to Conduct a Primary Care Physician Search:

    1. You will be healthier. Regular check ups are the best way to get and stay healthy. If you suffer from any chronic medical condition, you may already know how important it is to have a primary care physician. They can be instrumental in helping you manage your health problems such as Continue Reading
  • Tips to Protect Your Hearing

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    Hearing problems plaque many people in the United States. Nearly five million Americans are currently walking around with some degree of hearing loss but they have yet to seek help or treatment. Most people do not seek out any help for their hearing problems for at least seven years. Nearly 50 million Americans suffer from ringing in their ears, this is also called tinnitus. There are things we can do to protect our hearing. Among other things, we can get custom hearing protection to keep our hearing as good as it can be for as long as possible.

    To better protect our hearing, it is important to understand what can hurt it. For example, how does noise impact our ears? The way we inte Continue Reading

  • How to Be Healthy in an Unhealthy World


    Trying to stay healthy is an admirable endeavor. It can be a pretty tricky live to leave a healthier life especially here in America when its so much easier to just be unhealthy. Being healthy can account for natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety and other things that we go through. We literally are what we eat so if we can eat better, we’ll live better. However, it is so hard to do that. It seems like everything is trying to steer us in the opposite direction of health. Here are a few reasons why it’s so hard to stay healthy in this day and age and Nation and what you can do about it.

    1. Fast Food
      Fast food is so readily available. When’s the last time you saw a health food restaurant with a drive through? Continue Reading
  • Concierge Medicine Provides Personalized Attention, Results

    Anti aging

    We are a society that is driven by appearances.
    Few can deny that in today’s world, how you look matters. Your appearance can make the difference in whether or not you are selected for that upcoming promotion. Your youthfulness can determine if you are elected to a community position. Even your smile can determine the first impression that others have of you.
    Did you know, for instance, the Americans spent $11 billion on cosmetic treatments in the year 2012. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this represents a 5% increase from the year 2011. Part of these dollars are spent on a product that many people turn to in their attempt to keep themselves looking young. Anti aging medicines and treatments, along with other concierge medicine options, are a growing part of today’s cosmetic industry Continue Reading

  • Why Your Child Should Get a Sports Physical

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    Spring is here, and that means it’s time for young athletes so lace up and get out on the field. That’s right, competitive youth sports season is just around the corner! According to a recent study conducted by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, over 20 million kids in the U.S. play an organized sport. When you break it down, that means that 75% of boys and 69% of girls play organized sports! And while this is a wonderful activity for children to engage in, it’s essential that you help them prepare as well as you can for the sports season ahead. One of In fact, While many states require athletic physicals before children are even allowed to participate in activities. If you child has never received one before, it might be a good time to start. Here’s why:

    It’s a Good Litmus Test Continue Reading

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